Friday, 19 August 2016

Remembering Steve

A memory is a fickle thing.  Sometimes happy and at other times not so much; they become part of the fabric of who we are and culminate into a massive quilt that encompasses all of the people, places and things we have known in our journey from cradle to grave.  

I often joke that a mother's brain forgets things because we've had to cram so much in there over the years that some "stuff" is bound to fall out.  Similarly, I've been known to marvel at the odd memories and bits of trivial information that seems to be stuck in there for all time.  It's been known to amuse. 

I've found myself checking in with the Facebook memories lately.  They pop up daily and remind you of a variety of things.  Special occasions that were marked on that particular day, status messages that were posted, photos and memes that were shared.  

Sometimes, I find a quote that had resonated with me, or an accounting of a particular event that I hadn't thought about in a very long time.  I love having the oppportunity to re-share some of the highlights.  Particularly the #TBT style photos of our now-grown children.  Our grandkids have gotten a very big kick out of seeing pictures of "baby" Mommy.  I teased our daughter just the other day that we'd come full circle.  The children cannot imagine a time when Mommy wasn't "old".  Our daughter was not so amused by the reference as I was.  

Today the message was a sad one, and I was reminded of August 19th, 2014 when an article by the Recorder and Times' Derek Gordanier was posted indicating that colleague Steve Pettibone has been reported missing.  It hardly seems like it has been 2 years already. 

 It would later be reported that his body had been found deep in the bush not far from his abandoned car.  He was only 39.  It is a stark reminder that things aren't always as they might appear.  The seeminly happiest of folks are carrying immense loads we may never know anything about.  

I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve, but I have heard many great things about him over the years among our friends and collagues.  His passing did not go unnoticed. 

We'd all like to think that once we're gone, we will have behind a legacy that will remain long after our passing.  You may not have met the man, but you knew his work.  You knew of him.  

If you feel so inclined to light a candle or raise a glass today in memory of Steve today, please do! 

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