Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Happy Monday.. Uhm Tuesday!

It is Tuesday. It feels like a Monday. Way too much to do, and not nearly enough time to do it in. Everybody is overrun and exhausted by a very busy weekend but the show must go on, right?

My list is ever-growing, and I know I'm the one to blame since I'm the one holding the pen but I am certain I am preaching to the choir on that one.

I was pretty jazzed to have gotten some work done last night before bed, despite an elevated pair of legs and a swollen foot. I got a jump on a bit more this morning before the day woke up.

Somewhat of a tough start to the day. I'm not fond of those nights that turn into mornings where you feel like you haven't slept at all but you know you did. Day seemed to start off in its usual fashion but then I noticed the dog had left a puddle at the front door, despite a perfectly good (and clean) puddle pad in the bathroom. Baby woke up super squishy as we've come to call it and just as I got all his wet clothing off he took a turn for the hall and went to see what grandpa was doing.

The next thing I hear is Grandma, I pee! (Oh crap!) I ask where and he says "Right there" pointing to the puddle on the floor by his feet. We were off to a fine start. Got him washed down and dressed. He wasn't happy to have missed the ritual of waving bye bye to Grandpa as he goes off to work but I wasn't taking a naked baby outside to wave. I can only imagine where that would have gotten me.

I've begun to stress about the growing to-do list that I had to deal with today, the meeting I know I won't be able to make tonight and about a milliion other things piling up for the next week or two. I am bad for looking too far ahead sometimes. While sometimes it is a great thing, sometimes is just.. isn't.

Baby wants to watch tv so I settle him into that while I get him some breakfast and his sippee cup. He gets about 2 minutes into 3 different shows and decides they're not what he wants. He doesn't want any of his usual breakfasts either. He finally settles on toast and brings me the peanut butter. I ask if he wants peanut butter and he says yes please. I make it and he says no thanks. Somewhere he decided peanut butter made good finger paint and I have to admit that this made me laugh out loud. It's hard to be mad at a child that's got a wide old grin on his face as he wiggles his tickle fingers at you..

The morning's adventures were compounded by a rather nasty e-mail from someone who clearly should have known better hot to behave but chose not to. In turn, he got a morning dose of Tammy's bitch hat. It seemed reasonable considering.

I've always considered myself to be a people person, but as I get older I find that my tolerance for rude people and being treated badly aren't very high. There are far too many people out there screaming atop a soapbox that should certainly consider sitting down and shutting up. I hear my mother-in-law telling the kids "that's be quiet please" which makes me laugh..

I guess that's the good thing about rough mornings. Mornings turn into afternoons and if you look hard enough there is always ALWAYS something to smile at, something to be grateful for.

Hang on tight Tuesday! We're ready for you!
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