Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It Takes A Village

11 years ago today we picked up the keys to our first home and moved into the village of Cardinal, Ontario. Seems to me that the welcome sign said 5000 and we joked we were going to sneak over and place a big 5 over the last 0.
Up til then, we'd lived in Brockville, North Gower and Smiths Falls before getting a bit of a preview staying with my inlaws for several weeks before we could get the keys to our new home. Who could have predicted that we would finally settle down in Cardinal Ontario and plant some roots? I guess it

I remember some parts of the day like it was only yesterday. We counted down the days like little kids at Christmas, when the day finally came we waited for someone to pinch us and tell us they were only kidding.

The AC wasn't working and the place was hot as hell. We met one of our first Cardinal folks that day when Charlie Burrell came to fix our AC for us.

We felt so bad for the Eastlink Cable guy who damn near melted hooking up our service that day too. Oddly, Eastlink is coming out today to repair our phone line. Hadn't thought of that when I booked the appointment.

11 years goes by in the blink of an eye.

So much has happened from my teddybear being in a car accident 2 weeks before we moved, and having his car written off, doing a number on his back and making a lot of the immediate plans we'd already made for our new home next to impossible.

Fast forward a bit to my continuing medical saga and spending just shy of a year in hospital. To look from then til now through my variety of wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical paraphanalea that I don't need nearly as often anymore. It has been quite a journey.

We've lost a number of treasured people and a few of our beloved pets. We've watched each of our children grow into adults in this house, and became empty nesters - then grandparents. If this house could tell stories, there would be a bunch. Not all happy, but certainly not all sad either.
This photo was taken during Christmas celebrations at Nana and Papa's.  Note Brayden was still in the oven.. :)  

One week from now we celebrate 20 years together. I've always teased James that he'd never top the anniversary gift he gave me with the gift of a house but he has many times over.

Today I'll celebrate with my teddybear and our grandkids with a trip to the garden centres and some playing in the dirt in the yard.

As I sit having breakfast with 2 of our greatest blessings,I cannot help but feel grateful. I have been blessed with so much. A simple leap of faith 20 years ago has turned into so much more than I'd ever imagined. I cannot imagine where I'd be if things had gone any other way.. We are blessed.
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