Monday, 21 May 2012

There once was a mellow muffin..

Glen "Jeans" Zadworny, Nov 18, 1968 - May 18, 2012
Woke up to the news this morning that a long-time friend had passed this weekend.  I read and re-read the article and friends notes, but somehow it just cannot be... 

Glen Zadworny ~ Angus Jeans, or simply "Jeans" as he was known way back when, was a BBS Pioneer, who like many of us invited friends and strangers into his home via his C64 Bulletin Board system and 300 baud modem.  Mellow Muffin he called it, and he himself, was the Mellowest of all.  

He was a sweetheart, a good friend with a big heart, who never minded lending an ear to a friend.  I know I bent his ears plenty of times..

In the 20-odd years since I first met him, I've never heard anyone utter an unkind word about him.  Truly there aren't many people that can take that claim.  He was one of a kind, a cherished friend.  

"He will be missed" hardly seems adequate enough to describe the weight of the loss of someone that you visited with regularly for so many years, though I didn't know him as well as some. 

I went searching for photos of Glen this morning.  Found myself remembering how quickly he'd manage to duck and turn when he saw the camera.  I had a great many photos of the back of his head. He had some amazingly long hair back in the day.

I snagged this photo from his profile - the mischievous grin and thumbs up so totally reminded me of the happy soul whose spirit and life I'd always took for granted would be eternal.  He was way too young to be taken so soon, so many weren't even close to 'done' with him yet. 

Somewhere in there there's something poetic in the fact that he died doing something that he loved but that seems little comfort. I cannot help but think of his wife and daughters ...  from this distance I can do little but send hugs and well wishes, and hopes of peace.  That hardly seems enough.

I would imagine that somewhere among the clouds there's one helluva modem meet going on.  Jeans, and all of the friends that have gone before him.

There will come a day when we too will come to join him, the great modem meet in the sky ~ I can't say for certain whether the venue will be a Denny's, a Retro Lesters, or perhaps one of the legendary modemmer BBQ's,  but one day we will all meet again..  

Until then, Sweet Dreams Aj.  <3


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