Monday, 24 March 2014

It Happened 30 years ago today...

Do you feel old yet? I know *I* sure do! 

It first happened a week or so ago when my youngest daughter messaged me and told me that she'd finally seen "The Breakfast Club" at long last.  I have to admit here that I'd chuckled a bit, because I have only been referring to it as one of my favourite movies of all-time for most of her life..  but better late than never, right?

Who'd have thought that the story of a handful of teenage misfits with little in common spending a Saturday in detention in the high school library would not only captivate us, but resonate with us still all these years later?

I suppose that no matter which one of the teens that we chose to identify with, that there was a part of each of us represented there.  Underneath it all, we all have those same fears.  Some just don't voice it as well as the others do. Some never voice it at all.  I know there were more than a few of us looking around the cafeteria table and locating each of those characters in our own environment.  It sounds hokey in hindsight, even as I type it.. but it's true. 

 I was just 16 years old when The Breakfast Club came out, but I remember seeing on video the first time, my boyfriend's older brother and his girlfriend had been completely gobsmacked that I hadn't seen it, and the plans were made.  It has been high a-top my list ever since.  I guess it would be a great idea now to give a nod to Jim and Louise for insisting that I see it.  Thanks guys!

I'd popped over to to look up some tidbits or trivia and was amused to learn that some of the movie was completely ad-libbed.  Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall are said to have told Vanity Fair Magazine that John Hughes was "receptive to actor's improvisations - some of them - including Brian's reason for having fake ID - made it to the final film. 

At the time of filming few of the main characters were actually teenagers - Judd Nelson was 26, Emilion Estevez - 23, Ally Sheedy - 23, only Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall were still teenagers both being 17 at the time of filming. 

Unlike many movies, The Breakfast club was shot entirely in sequence.  

Some might be relieved to know that Ally Sheedy's dandruff "snow" was actually Parmesan cheese. 

I think the biggest surprise for me was to learn that "Don't You (Forget About Me)" that rose to be a #1 hit for Simple Minds had first been turned down by Billy Idol and Bryan Ferry.  The song was also turned down by Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders who suggested that the track be offered to the band fronted by her husband at the time, Simple Minds.   Though Billy Idol did record it later as a bonus track on his Greatest Hits Album.  

All in all a great trip down memory lane.  I think I'll have to dust off this old friend and have another watch this week. 

Today marked the second time in less than a week that I was reminded that many of my best picks come from many many moons ago..  .   Kevin Bacon in Footloose has also surpassed the 30 year mark..   still a classic in my mind.  

Did you catch Kevin on Jimmy Fallon recently?  I dare you to check out the clip from that appearance online -- and NOT smile.  It's just not possible.  Kevin's still got it!  

Oh, and you can admit it.  Just the mention of the movie, and you probably have the song running your head..  I know I do! 
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