Monday, 15 February 2016

Sometimes we all just need a slow down...

Happy Monday! Happy Family Day! Have a Fabulous Week!!

Ours was a busy but productive weekend. We actually managed to stay home all weekend ((Gasps)).
Despite my displeasure at the myriad of buy "stuff" commercials over the last couple of weeks and having told my teddybear that I really didn't need him to buy anything. Certainly not flowers that would be sold at inflated prices for several days.  
The idea of going out and waiting in line for hours on Valentines Day for dinner to make a required outting wasn't appealing either. We have a house all to ourselves, we don't feel a need to escape to anywhere ~ besides I *like* to cook as does my teddybear.
I'm not single, but I found the endless stream of jewelry ads to be annoying, if not offensive. Many of the items displayed were gaudy, even ugly and made me wonder if it was a price point goal being monitored. It's no wonder that those that are single hate the day so much. I can't say I blame them.
It's not a matter of frugality, but more an issue of practicality at this point but there are obvious financial benefits there too.
I decided that since I wouldn't be out shopping this week, I'd do some baking and make my teddybear a nice supper and plan for some unregulated home time this weekend and that would be the best gift we could give each other. My hubby agreed, or so I thought.. then this happened..

To be fair, I knew about the bear. I'd seen it on my friend Ginette's Scentsy page and showed my hubby. He was teasing that I didn't need it, and I'd said it was adorable and he laughed. Asked if I was going to order it or if he needed to do it.. we both laughed at that. If you'd like to get one of these fabulously soft and cuddly bears you can visit Ginette's Page to get one too :)
But Friday night I finished up dishes and came out to the livingroom to find Hugs and Kisses on my end table. It was a James signature move, very sweet (pardon the pun). He said he wanted to do something..
Saturday morning, I come into the livingroom to find a large floral package on my end table. Mini roses have become somewhat of a tradition. I love them, and he knows it. So much better than disposable roses, these ones will live in my garden once Spring arrives to be enjoyed for a long time to come. I am spoiled.
Our son-in-law came and took care of the snow removal for us which was a wonderful surprise.
We'd decided to do dinner Saturday rather than rushing thngs on Sunday night before work this morning. I used some Montreal steak spice steaks and turned them into a fabulous stir fry. We caught up on a few of our shows, and finally watched Taken 3 ~ that's been waiting for a while.  
We don't often take the time to sit and watch a movie. Things have been so very busy lately we just don't take the time very often.. we need to fix that.
We've been on somewhat of a mission to get better organized and get many of our "projects half done" completed and have been plotting heavily for our spring and summer plans for out in our back yard. The completion of each item on our list fuels the fire for the next and little by little progress is ours..
I've gotten into the routine of having all the dishes and laundry kept up. I am loving that feeling of walking into the room and seeing that it still looks "company ready," without having any kind of catastrophic effort on our part. It is a wonderful feeling to have someone drop in for a visit and not have to have that feeling of panic of what your house looks like. That in itself seems like a huge gift we gave ourselves.
Sunday morning, I venture out into the livingroom and find this..

Hubby made a valiant case for how the pink roses were lonely and he couldn't decide between them so he bought them both. I told him he was still grounded.. though he got bonus points for being cute.  
He is of the mindset that he needs to shower me with affections and thank me for all I do every day but he does every bit as much and more. He puts up with med issues and caregiver responsibilities on top of working full time - he owes me nothing.. we'll agree to disagree on this one til the end of time...

Had a friend stop in Sunday for a meeting, and followed it up with some batch cooking. Hamburger is on sale this week.. made spaghetti sauce, chili, and several batches of scrambled hamburger (with onions, garlic, red pepper) to have on hand for nachos, sauce and what not in a hurry and 3 banana breads, before taking care of all of the dishes and sitting down to a Valentines Day tortelini supper and a slow down..

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