Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Living Life One Fortune Cookie At A Time

I've been joking lately that I'm living my life one fortune cookie at a time.  Though that sounds rather "out there,"  it really does seem to depict the way things have played out lately.

I've taken on a few new projects that have kept me a little busier than usual and it seems like every time I set out to let the ideas flow onto the paper, as it were,  that a phone rings or something else comes across the desk that takes priority.  My notebook is full of ideas, and stories started as well as variety of blog posts that I haven't gotten back to yet.  Yeah, sometimes life's like that. 

 I've always been somewhat of a quote collector,  a hobby that started back in my early writing days and carried over into Scrapbooking and just "stuck."  There are often days when my social media walls look like an array of bumper stickers showing things that struck a chord in one fashion or another in the course of day.  Sometimes they don't apply to anything going on at the moment,  but I share them anyhow because I know others on my list that will enjoy them also. Some days that little fortune cookie offering is the only thing I post on my page in a day.   At least it keeps my friends and followers from texting or calling to make sure I haven't run away from home.   It's good to know they'd notice. 
Though I don't tend to talk about it much, I've had some personal challenges this year.  I found myself frustrated because where I normally position myself to find the sunny-side of life, I couldn't seem to find one.  I wanted to regroup and focus on the road going forward but I just felt stuck.  Deep breath girl, deep breath.. All things in good time, right?  Perhaps for a more patient person -- I can be patient with so many things, but waiting for something to arrive, someone to do something;  waiting has never been my strong suit.
A friend laughed at me this week when I likened it to a game of Sims.  You're plodding along the path and working on the goals set forth for you in the game, then some wise acre picks you up and plants you somewhere else in the game with no consideration for what you might have been working on.   I envision maniacal laughter too -- but that's just my warped sense of humour shining through.

I find as I get older my tolerance for games and drama has lessened greatly.  Things that used to just roll off and disappear grate like nails on a chalk-board.  I have been heard often to quote the old adage - "The more people I meet the more I like my dogs" on more than a few occasions.  Though it seems a strange thing for a long time people person to exclaim, it occurs to me that folks just don't have the same level of courtesy and compassion that they once did. 

Now, that's not to say that it doesn't exist; but we allow ourselves to get busy to the point that we don't have time to take care of ourselves properly, let alone remember the basic bits of common courtesy that our parents gave us in taking care of others and building relationships.  Grown adults are saying and doing things that we wouldn't accept from our kids, and somewhere in there they don't see a problem. 

We live our lives one text at a time, and e-mail rather than phone for speed's sake.  Much of my family keeps in touch more in Farmville than they do in real life.  Have we lost our personal touch?

In as much as I love my work, and the adventures it takes me on,  I find myself equally excited for quiet days at home too.  A chance to reconnect, regroup and reset before getting back at it again.  Perhaps a sign of age, perhaps not - I can't be sure.  Long gone are the days where a timid girl wouldn't contribute to controversial conversations because it might alienate on person or another and life was so much better when everybody was happy.   Perhaps it's just that I've been somewhat spoiled to surround myself with loving, loyal and creative people and never had a need for the drama.  That's why God created sarcasm, right?

Some days the days are sunshine and roses, and others it's all about the life-sucking turkeys but somehow we manage to get up each day and do it again.  What some would call being a sucker for punishment, I prefer to call determination.  I have a plan, and here we go! 

Somehow through it all,  I'm still smiling..   It's either the promise of hope or delirium.   I'll let you be the judge of that.  :) 

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