Thursday, 16 April 2015

Looks like We Made It! On #JOY and #GRATITUDE

It is just after midnight and though I know I should probably be sleeping, I'm not.  After weeks of debating the unknowns and weighing options, and doing my research, I'm standing on the other side of the worst part of it all.  The waiting was far worse than the rest of any of it, strangely enough.  I realize there's still some healing and all that goes with that, but I'm not worried. 

I got out of surgery and was set free, got greeted by our daughter and her teddybear, and our grandson who'd come to keep James company.  I got to come home to a visit with world's best in-laws.

Despite feeling like crap they always manage to make me smile.  Best of all, I got to come home! 

I wanted to send out a shout out to my fabulous friends, family and colleagues who lit up my phone today, in checking with James to make sure I was OK.  You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!  Thanks for caring to check.  You kept James busy too and helped pass the time while he was waiting for me to be sprung from recovery since they wouldn't let him inside. 

After breaking out in unexpected hives yesterday and having to make a dash to the doctor's office to make sure that I wasn't going to have to miss surgery, I was almost relieved to learn I seem have developed an aversion to Cefzil, an antibiotic for the sinus infection we've been battling off and on for the last while.

Was in bright and early for surgery this morning, and true to their promise they let me come home today.  It's been a long-standing joke that no matter what they say the worst case scenario will be, that's what my system seems to aim for.  

Surgery went well, and I'm back at home.  Still think I need the plate number for the truck that ran into my face though.  I got a peek at my swollen face as I was getting ready to leave and was not impressed.  Nurse looked at me rather strangely when she asked how I was doing and I said that she hadn't told me I looked like hell..   ROFL

Bearing in mind I was still in full swollen and words were not being articulated very well, I'm rather surprised she understood anything I said -- but she did remarkably well.   ah well.. you just have to laugh, right?

Had to stay for a couple of hours so they could make sure I wasn't going to do tricks.  Haven't had sleep apnea in 6 years but they're still treating me as though I do as a precaution.  My heart slowed right down when they were waking me up and freaked everybody out, but it corrected itself as soon as I was awake, and the ECG came up fine so there was no further concern.  Better safe than sorry though!

Freezing is finally out, and it's pretty freaking sore in spots, but the pain meds aren't knocking me on my butt so that's something.  All in all this isn't anywhere near as horrible as I thought it would be as far as pain goes.   That's not to say that I'll be planning to venture out and about much for the next little bit.  Having rotting teeth and trying not to be self-conscious when folks give every hint that they noticed.  In any case, I'll be taking it one day at a time..

Kudos to the gang in day surgery at Brockville General Hospital​ ~ I didn't see a single face working in there without a smile on it - you sure know how to send someone off to dreamland without being all stressed out about what's to come.  From someone who has had 20+ years of med-stuffs on her resume, that's not a compliment I share lightly. 

I will be giggling for a while about the nurse who was trying to give me sips of water, but nothing was coming in and she says be careful swallowing that..  Swallowing what now?  LOL  Yeah, it's been that kind of day.. 

Tonight we laid our grandson to bed, as his Daddy is in for surgery bright and early tomorrow morning.  He was all about the Ma ma ma and Da da Da and we promised him that Mommy and Daddy had a busy day but would come and see him tomorrow.  He actually squealed. God I love that kid!  :)

I was so worried that my swollen face would scare him, and made James promise not to bring him in if it was bad.  They spotted me first, and gotta love him, he looked right at me and smiled as wide as can be and said Amma Amma Amma (Brayden speak for Grandma)  -- made my whole day. 

I can't believe our sweet little jellybean will be a year old in just a few more days..   
Has it really been that long?  It really does fly, doesn't it?

What can I say, I'm home, it's over, and I'm feeling blessed and grateful. 

Sweet Dreams <3 

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