Thursday, 18 September 2014

Step Aside Purple ~ The Pink Parade is Coming!

My biggest giggle of this week came when someone delivering something to my house wanted to know why I had a little pink sign on my lawn.  Honestly, at first thought I thought that he was being a smartass -- so I didn't miss a beat in telling him quite plainly that I had a little pink sign, because she didn't have a bigger one! 

In all honesty, I have never considered myself to be a political person.  I have always been keen on staying out of the political foray, and in my younger years I remember myself as somewhat of a fence sitter always being afraid to stand up and be counted (as my Dad was always fond of saying) for fear that I would alienate myself from one group of friends or another.  

I have always had such a diverse group of friends. Few of them worked well together, but I seemed to flutter back and forth among them seamlessly, which is how I got my online handle "Butterfly" , later changed to  "Lady Butterfly" given to me by a friend some 25 odd years ago but I digress.. 

I've noted lately that my mindset tends to have shifted and I'm becoming more and more aware of the issues at hand, and I'm allowing myself to be more vocal about sharing ideas to help facilitate change. Unfortunately it's a slow process met with many roadblocks - so many closed minds that are almost comfortable complaining about the rut of what is, that they no longer open their minds to the possibilities of what could be.  

I jokingly refer to it as "getting old," though I'm hardly old -- but there comes a time in your life when you're looking at the coffee running out of the pot and across the table to the floor and wondering why something isn't being done?  Oh sure, everybody wants to complain about the coffee mess on the table and floor --- but who is gonna lift their ass to go and clean it up? 

Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?  

Before you vote, think long and hard..  what do you think the biggest problem is in your community?  What would YOU do to fix it?  Encourage yourself to come out to one of the upcoming (dates yet to be determined) all-candidates meetings and ask the candidates what they'd do about the issue you deem most important.  
This picture maks me smile.  If you know Karie you know that *this* is a signature pose.  Honestly, just about every photo I have ever taken of her has her tongue stuck out, or head turned away.  Not only is it proof that she can have fun while still getting the job done but it shows a dedicated community supporter who is more about doing, and less about sitting around talking about having done it.  If you have any doubts about how truly committed to this community she is, just try booking her for coffee sometime!  She is part energizer bunny, of that I'm certain. 

When I think about the great things that have come to Cardinal since I've moved here, a number of familiar faces jump to mind.  Often the same people in the same circles - the go getters - we call them.  From that very first parade attended before moving, to our very first home purchase and right on to present day - when it comes to our community, our children, and our future. Karie is there.  The Youth Centre, Community Garden, Scouting in Cardinal, Galop Gallery just to drop a few..  wouldn't be what they are today with her..  

With all of the child and youth volunteering she does on a regular basis - some might argue that she holds our future in her hands. 

Be active, Be Informed - Think Twice - Then vote.  You only get one vote  - make it count!  

In the words of a wonderful friend, and IMHO a wonderful representation of how awesome Cardinal can be, It's time for a little less talk, and a lot more action. 

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