Thursday, 18 September 2014

On Snap Judgements and Makeup Tutorials

I've heard often that in our "new" world of social media, that people aren't interested in reading anything much longer than a couple of paragraphs - I've often joked that you've lost many folks 140 characters in -- we're busy, often TOO busy..  and I get that, truly, but sometimes even the most chatty among us get sucked into the vortex of flipping to the next thing before truly checking out what lies right in front of us. 

When this video came across my desk in the middle of a busy day, I made a snap judgement and I dismissed it. On first glance, I saw a young woman, perhaps older teen - and my brain went immediately somewhere near "oh no, not another one!" in much the same fashion most of us react to the commercials in between our favourite shows on TV.  I'd been subjected to some truly mind-numbing videos as of late -- you know the ones -- we've all see them.  Take one of the following man/woman/child/teen and add video camera, and internet access and GO!  Some of the crap that runs across my newsfeed and desk in a day leaves me no question as to why many of us just aren't getting as much done as we used to.  

We have a nation of folks out there who are tweeting every bowel movement, or daily jaunt to the bus stop and it's Crazy!  I'm not sure where the world stopped having some kind of filter, decorum and common sense just don't seem to be as "Common" anymore.  There are way too many folks out there rambling a the universe simply because they can. 

This particular video entitled "Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial," caught my attention.  A name that has been all over the twitterverse as of late after his widely publicized abuse of his wife in an elevator. 

When I sat down this afternoon to play it through, I was more than surprised.  Here instead was a young woman who had put some thought into her message, and delivered it in a way that would capture your attention and make you think.  Kudos to you Megan MacKay for a job well done.

Her message reaches out and grabs your attention, and delivers her message with a touch of cheeky sarcasm and humour that touches both young and old(er) without prejudice.  The additional links for more information and factual information given through her tutorial show she's done some homework along the way, finally wrapping it up in a youthful and direct package and sending it out into the YouTube universe.. 

Somewhere in there, we need to educate ourselves that violence is never an acceptable answer to disagreement.  If you love someone, you don't pound the stuffing out of them.  If you are on either side of that equation, you need to seek out assistance.  That's no joke. 

I'm so glad I went back for another look..   Have a look for yourself.. 

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