Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sometimes it's perfectly OK to be unplugged for a few days..

This might just be the first year that I didn't get online to post something for Father's day, and for my father-inlaw's bday. Kids came down for a few days and we were too busy enjoying them that my keyboard didn't get any airplay whatsoever.

For those who know me best, that's rare. I'm still giggling about a few friends who texted to make sure I was alive.. :)

First mammogram Thursday - no news yet (for those who were asking) but the doc wants a better look at the lump and they called yesterday to book a follow-up ultrasound.

Endoscopy Friday to do some homework. After literally years of head patting, they found a stricture and were able to fix it. Looking forward to the chat at follow up next week from the doctor who gave me the whole "full of shit" speech at our in-take appointment.

I came out after and told James what I'd been told and my loving teddybear didn't miss a beat and popped up with, "Am I still full of shit now asshole?" I couldn't help but laugh. To be fair, once he realized that we weren't coming back looking for a refund on the experience he had settled down and begun to listen and everything changed at that point.

He came in to the OR clipboard in hand and said so we're gonna have a look and see what can be done about reconstructing your stomach. I said that would be lovely! He said well then let's get on with it shall we? before handing me the consent form.


My fabulous father-in-law hit lucky double digits in that he's hit the double-lucky 77 this year. Here's hoping some of that luck will last him all year long. Love you Papa! I will be forever grateful for my acceptance to your tribe. <3 Walter Lackey

As for my own Dad, nearly 5 years and it still doesn't feel like he's really gone. Maybe on vacation somehwere. A weird part of me occasionally thinks that the phone might ring and he'll be on it claiming to be my pain in the ass and sharing that sarcastic giggle I never thought I'd miss.

We looked everywhere to find a squirrel for the garden as we have each year since he's left us but came up empty. I was thrilled to find a bright blue bird feeder to put out front for the birds and squirrels (real or imagined) instead. Dad would have loved that.

Wherever you are today, make it a good day. :)

There is some road running plotted for today, many phone calls, and copious amounts of catch up. Stay tuned. :)
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