Thursday, 21 April 2016

#TBT Looking into the rearview mirror on the many adventures of the L&G Road Runner

I have to admit that when I first read Dale's welcome to the team on the Hometown TV12 Facebook page I'd laughed out loud.  On one hand I was tickled pink to be continuing on our crazy adventures but the message itself tickled my funny bone. 

"I would like to welcome Tammy J. Wilson to Hometown TV12.

A tireless worker and community supporter, Tammy will be in charge of our Information/News Department as we progress as well as being involved in the planning stages of this new business and a staff writer. 

Welcome Tammy glad to have you aboard!!!."

Thinking back over the last 6 years of my many adventures along side the Leeds and Grenville Road Runner I can't remember a time when my job description or duties list was so concise.  Though who could blame him, when I listed out all of the things I've come to do in the course of a day I couldn't put a name on what my "job" should be called either..  but it still amused me.  Sometimes you just have to take the opportunity to laugh, right?

I'd actually joked with my teddybear about all the free time I'd have and what a new experience that would be.  his response made me laugh even harder -- he didn't miss a breath and said "Yeah right!  Good luck with that!"  Ah yes, he knows us too well..but then again , who better than our respective teddybears to know just how many hours we spend with our faces at the camera or computer. 

We are so truly blessed to have such fabulous support.  I know for myself, I truly don't know where I'd be without my beloved teddybear... his name is James by the way.  It occurs to me that I have gotten so used to calling him my teddybear that I seem to have replaced his name at least in print. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about this journey.  So many ups and downs, things I'd do a little differently if I could do them again and other things I wouldn't change for anything in the world.  

I was telling someone the other day about the very first event I'd ever covered for Brocknews.  I remember heading inside scared to death that the folks inside would see right through me hiding behind my camera and know that at the heart of it all was a simple step-mom and housewife, a survivor -- but certainly no media pesonality by any stretch.  

I wasn't very far inside when someone shouted "Oh good local media is here!"  you can imagine her surprise when I turned around to see who was coming,  or how red my face was when I turned back around realizing that she'd been referring to me..  If she noticed, she was gracious and didn't say anything, thank goodness.  

But oh how far we've come since then and what a ride it has been.  

I've gotten to meet so many fabulous people from all over our region. We've met some famous faces, and local dignitaries and folks that I never dreamed I'd be chatting with over tea. 

As awesome as it was to chat with some of favourite country music artists at the Capital Country Fest / Spencerville Stampede last year, and having my teddybear pulled up on stage with his camera..  sometimes I still feel like I should pinch myself to see if it's real.  I've been equally excited to meet a variety of intrepid volunteers and local dignitaries and some of my own personal hometown heroes.  I have been blessed to call many of you friends.   

Perhaps more importantly though, it's the every day people in our community that are out there knee deep making things happen, making a difference.  "Getting shit done!" as a good friend of mine is fond of saying that get me the most fired up.  Seeking out those unsung heroes and people doing unimaginable things with little or no help or legions of people banding together for a cause.  SO many adventures to pursue..  

So many amazing things that never would have happened to us, if I'd never met Dale Elliott.  

Over the last several years many have alluded to a thing or two.  In the last several weeks I've had many comment on my committment -- my loyalty to the community and to the man himself.  Some have asked on occasion if there was a thing.. (laughs).  Sure there's a thing! It's a big one!  A love of community, of people and of telling the stories from people in our community that are just waiting for someone to come and find them and make some noise.  

It's a thing.. and it's a powerful one! 

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