Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lily Celebrates 4th Birthday With New Hope and New Kidney

Happy Birthday Lily!!
Lily presurgery

  Photos courtesy of Loonies for Lily

Lily Maclean-Maloney and her family are celebrating her 4th birthday today with a renewed hope as Lily adjusts to her new kidney and a life without dialysis. What a wonderful birthday gift! Happy Birthday Lily!

"Lily's journey has been a long and bumpy road, but her new dialysis-free life begins this morning." a message on the Loonies for Lily Facebook announced Saturday. "The last hurdle has been cleared, and it's a complete match. The transplant surgery is scheduled around 8 am at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, and we know she will have the best of care available."

In a series of fun photos prior to surgery, Lily seems to be reminding everyone that beyond her illness a bubbly young lady still remains. The young patient wanted to see her new kidney first, and was pretty sure that it was going in her belly button. She is looking forward to eating chocolate and ice cream again as she will now be free of her restricted diet.

With the photos, Lily's cheerleaders let everyone know that the surgery could take 6-12 hours. The team later posted that surgery was complete and that her kidney was already functioning.

The Loonies for Lily drive for support is now stronger than ever. With a minimum of 2 weeks stay in Toronto; meals, medications and other costs are going to cost the family, in lost wages and new expenses as they continue their journey. 

If you are interested in learning more about Lily or helping in any way please contact JoAnne Moulton at moultonjoanne@gmail.com; visit http://www.looniesforlily.ca ; find Loonies for Lily on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donatelooniesforlily.

Donations are also accepted at JoeComputer, HomeHardware, Myles Discount, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 604 Spencerville, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 105 Cardinal, Seeway Valley Pharmacy, Prescott Beer Store among a variety of other options in the area. Contact Loonies for Lily to find an option that best suits you.

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