Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Page In Time

On January 21st, 1978 I became a big sister.  I remember watching the lump in my mother's belly grow and grow and having so many questions.  My parents hadn't explained anything to me, and I remember going to the library at school and telling the librarian that my Mom's tummy was getting bigger and bigger.  I came home that day with a backpack full of books, and a boat load of questions.
I remember Mom looking more than a little concerned at my reading material, after all, I was only 7 at that time, though by the time she would arrive I would have turned 8.  I was allowed to read only the smallest of the books I'd brought home and I remember being dissapointed that it was more of a story book than anything that would explain things to someone who was going to have a brother or sister soon.  

I have no memory of getting to visit her in the hospital, but I will never forget the first time that I was allowed to hold her.  All propped up on pillows, I got to feed her for the first time.  It is one of my fondest memories.  

I don't have a lot of memories of playing with my sister growing up but I have a lot of memories of silly little things along the way.  Making a fort in my closet, and having my little sister ask to have a sleepover with me and waking up to Dad going room to room hollering for us because we weren't in our beds.  I sure got in trouble that morning..   

There's a photo floating around somewhere of my sister holding a ground wire from an old stereo our parents had.  She was sitting on the foot stool holding this wire.  Dad wanted her to stay put, and she kept motoring off..   the music would be playing and she'd stand there and dance..  she couldn't have been more than 2..   she'd let the wire go, and the music would stop..  I kept watching as she tried to figure out what it was about the wire that made the music stop -- but she couldn't see Dad around the corner unplugging the radio every time she let go..   he was a character like that. 

Fast forward and I'm living in my own place and got my first full time job working at the Army & Navy in New Westminster.  I remember getting my first paycheque and being so excited to go out and buy an entire outfit for my sister, and our Dad.  I still have pictures of Angie looking so proud in her new outfit - I'd even got jelly shoes and a purse to go with it.  Dad scolded me for doing it, of course, and suddenly I was a little kid again, being scolded for spending my $2 allowance to by a treats for my family, and nothing for myself.  I always found more joy in giving..  though many things in life have changed, that one is a constant. 

For years we've been Bert & Ernie - as most who know us know.  Though what few realize is that it was never supposed to be a good thing. I don't know where it came from by as it happened my sister was in grade school, and picked up this catch-phrase of "Ok Bert!" and I'd have never told her, but it was driving me bonkers..  I finally got the brain wave to call her Ernie, as my way to retaliate and now a bazillion years later we've been sending Bert and Ernie back and forth to each other for years.  I'm not entirely sure how I got to be the conehead,  but he likes birds, and reading so he can't be all bad.. <Grin> 

It's hard to believe that that little baby turns 37 today.  I've been referring to her as my baby sister for so long, and calling her kiddo.. it seems ridiculous now since we're both approaching ancient.. when something sticks, it sticks I guess. 

Just think, just 3 more years til life begins!  Dad used to always say that life begins at 40.  I'm not sure if that's really true or not, but it used to make him smile.  :) 

Happy Birthday Sis! You know I'm thinking of you today and always.  XO

Today also marks the 7th anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. 2 years longer than the experts said I'd be here, had I not had the surgery.  Here's to another trip around the sun!  :) 

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