Sunday, 30 November 2014

And Unto Her A New Chapter Is Born!

A year ago today in a flurry of enthusiasm, and waves of brainstorming, we signed papers and embarked on a new adventure, the opening of a Gallery. 

If you'd have told me then, that just one short year later I'd be turning the page, and plotting a new course, I'm not sure that I'd have believed.. if you'd warned me that someone would be slamming the book closed on me, I'd have laughed - that wasn't even in the scope of possibility. 

For several months I've been approached often by people questioning my position, wondering on things they'd heard or been told, and time and again I'd chalk it up to misunderstanding, honestly, up until recently I never gave it a whole lot of thought -- we are all friends, right?

Sometimes the whispers in the wind become too loud to ignore and the limits of what you can cast aside or deem misunderstanding surpass the limits of even the most even-tempered of people. 

While some would call it creative differences, others might consider a complete and blatant disrespect and disregard  to agreements made, and plans put forward -- certainly not anything close to befitting partners and friends.  When creative enthusiasm turns to a constant array of angst, behind the scenes plotting and secrecy - it can no longer be called a functional partnership.  Theft of intellectual property - icing on the proverbial cake.  In the tirade you said maybe it makes you a bad person, but you were ok with that.  I'm really not sure how you sleep at night. 

To work hard, and put in 100%, only to be told at the end of the day that your contributions don't fit in with the decor -  Honestly, I expected better.  I certainly believe that I deserve better than one-sided ultimatums and a boot to the rear.  There's a certain hollow empty looking into the glass after a year of dedication to be told that your visions and efforts cheapen the project as a whole, and more to the point, a mute partner would have better fit the bill. There are no words.  Pointing out the highlights brought forward a condescending appreciation that seemed somehow fitting of the theme as of late.  I'm not sure what was so difficult about sharing the credit for our accomplishments, but calling the sky purple doesn't make it so..   

As the book closes on this chapter, more than the simple act of turning the page - my life is richer for the people I have met and have had the chance to promote.  My heart is stronger for having taken a chance in a new direction, and not being afraid to jump in with both feet and make it a go.  

I'd like to thank all of the Artisans, and Vendors that came out to make my vendor market so fabulous - unfortunately our efforts were deemed too "gift shoppy" and said to cheapen the art on display.  Yeah, I know -- I don't get it either.. but fret not my friends -- great things are coming :) 

Moving forward, my dedication to my community, and to continuing to promote the creative artisans, vendors and people that are all around us has not wavered.  This is not the end my friends -- but merely a shifting of gears. 

This may be then end of a chapter.. but this book is still in progress.  
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