Monday, 16 June 2014

Celebrating Father's Day

It was pointed out to me that I was remiss in posting my annual Father's Day Blog posting. 

Of course, I'd planned to..  but the more I thought about it, the more I didn't feel like writing it, and the more I put it off.  That wheel went around and around for a number of days and before I knew it the day was upon us, and we had a house full and the time to do it was no more.  

Traditionally, Father's day was about making a big breakfast for Dad.  He loved my fridge-raiding omellettes -- I don't think they were ever the same twice - it really depended what was in his fridge at the time..   ironically, this Father's Day began with me making a big breakfast for our daughters, our son-inlaw and grand-daughter.  Funny that I was knee deep into making it before my brain did a quick flashback.  In some ways it seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was sitting by Dad's bedside, assuring him it would all be ok -- it seems impossible that this is our second Father's Day without him.  Has it really been that long? Thankfully the phone rang, and I was redirected before I thought about it too hard..  

This weekend was to be all about spoiling my father-in-law, my teddybear and our son-inlaw.  I'd made a bunch of plans in plotting for the day but then the kids were MIA, and I couldn't complete them without the key players in time so some aspects of Father's day will carry on into the coming weeks. Caryn and I drove up to Marmora to pick up Caelly in an effort to surprise my teddybear.  We'd planned a family BBQ for Sunday and invited our son-inlaw's Dad and Stepmom down to join us which was to be a surprise to him, and my inlaws were also coming over.  Unfortunately Justin was unplugged and unavailable but I hoped his ears would be ringing loudly from his sisters and I trying to reach him all week long and that would work in our favour. 

As it turned out, James had pretty much figured out what we were up to by the time Friday rolled around.  Might have been something about insisting on a full tank of gas instead of a partial fill -- we almost had him - when I came home without Caelly since we'd arranged for her to stay with Caryn..  the big reveal didn't go off as well as we hoped and was somewhat anti-climactic but he was pretty happy to have her down for a long-overdue visit just the same. 

"Daddy, I'm HOME!"

What he didn't know, is that the kids and I had been plotting and that much of his honey-do list was getting tackled.  Before too long the kids had the lawn cut front and back, and the back patio tidied up and ready for Sunday.  Some of the garden got weeded also, but that will take a bit more time to complete.  We all agreed it was the best gift we could give Daddy. 

Who doesn't want some of their to-do list to magically dissapear? 

I just wish I'd thought to take before and after pictures.  I never seem to think of it til the job is part-way done, or all the way done and then of course it's way too late..  I envy my good friend Karen, and her weekly mission to de-clutter and organize.  She's far braver than I!  

Will, at least was surprised by the arrival of his Dad -- he was already planning a weekend trip for a second Father's day for the following weekend.  (Tee hee!)  At least we managed to pull off one well deserved surprise without a hitch.  

I'll have more pictures to post over the next few days.  For some reason our network is pulling attitude today, so I can't get at the photos from the camera this weekend.  These few from my phone will have to do! 

Our grand-daughter was tickled pink to have 2 Grandmas, 2 Grandpas and Nana and Papa at her disposal all day.  The discovery of Grandma and Grandpa's arsenal of water guns, and nerf toys from many moons gone by was an amusing discovery for a little girl and all who had the opportunity to play with her.  For a bit there was water, darts and giggles flying everywhere.  

Helping to feed baby brother!
This one is from a few weeks ago, but I couldn't post about a weekend with the grandbabies without sharing both kids with you. :)   Love our munchkins!  :)

Our grand-son was the subject of an all-day-long game of pass the baby. Everybody wanted a chance to cuddle in the awesome that is BABY.  I could gush on and on, but what can I say - new Grandmother perogative. <Grin> 

Let's go racing boys! 
Brayden with his protective head-gear on getting ready to attend his first car-race.  
Uncle Clayton was to race this weekend.  Sadly the race was rained out. 

The weekend promised to be a crazy-busy one, and it did not dissapoint!  Today I think I'm in need of some new legs, but it's all good. I am intensely thankful for the inventor of the dishwasher, let me tell you!!  It sure got a work-out this weekend! 

Our day finished with a late call-in from our long-lost son to add the icing on an already awesome cake we called a weekend.  

Even with the unfinished projects, and screwed up plans for the weekend I think the only thing that would have made it better is to have had the chance to have the one missing Dad join us at the table -- My Dad.  

Seems weird to refer to someone as "Gone," that is still so very much a part of my daily thoughts.  I think I was 10 or 11 the first time Dad told me that one day he'd be "gone" and I'd have to be OK on my own. He made it his mission to make sure that would be the case.  Too bad he didn't realize that I'd never be ready or willing to let him go. 

Sometimes he seemed like a broken record and I'd get so mad at him for telling me all the time.  I remember one time when I was in my teens, when he'd retired for the night, after a day of entertaining friends.  My sister and I were watching (or at least trying to watch) a movie and he'd called me in every 5-10 minutes for a good stretch to have what I'd later come to call "the talk."  It was the one in which he'd start with tonight's the night I'm going to die..  and advise me to where specific things were stored so that if something should happen, I'd know where they were.  I remember being so frustrated with him, and snapping at him that if he was going to die that he ought just to get on with it, and stop telling me about it.  Of course I didn't mean it, but he never forgot those words.  He never forgot anything.. I have been utterly amazed of the things big and small that he chose to keep over the years -- among them a letter I wrote to him not long after moving to Ontario as I strugged to integrate into a life as a new full-step-mom and wife.  As I re-read that old letter I was reminded of things that even I'd forgotten.  

I'm on a hunt for a "pick-me" rose bush, to replace the one from the community garden that we got in dad's honour that didn't survive the winter. I just haven't found one that says "pick-me!" yet.. hopefully one will appear this week.  The poor garden looks naked at the moment.. but that's a whole other post. :)

Missing you Dad, today and always.  XOXO

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