Friday, 3 May 2013

Here , there and everywhere..

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your chair and finding yourself thinking "Everything is awesome, but I still suck?" 

For me, that statement is both true, and somewhat of an over-dramatization of things.  I just get so frustrated when the end of my day comes before the end of my "list" and I so want to get ahead of the 8 ball and watch the rest of the parade come up instead of running behind it so I don't miss it all..  I'm both literally and figuratively exhausted ~ I feel like my brain was entered into some kind of mental olympics without my consent. 

I used to joke that I lived in "Sleepy little Cardinal," which was normally met by amused laughter ~ but the truth is, Sleepy is *GOOD* --  well unless of course you're a teenager looking for something to do..  which I have not been for a great many years..  

A few days ago I told a friend that things were "crazy" lately.  Though that would be the understatement of the century.  I am finding myself with more and more on my plate, and it seems like the sands are running out of the hourglass and onto the floor.  Surely they MUST be, because there are *never* enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.  I question my time management skills on occasion, but upon careful contemplation I realize that's a little like going to a buffet and piling food on a paper plate until it gives way, and blaming the construction of the plate. 

I do it to myself, I know this...  but the tasks just keep on coming.  For the most part I like to think I hang in there alright, but things do fall off the plate on occasion.  The Med-zone "stuffs" seems to be settling down some, but I'm noticing the hernia seems massive lately, and I don't know if it's really heading for it's own postal code or if that's all in my head too.   Have to make myself a note to go for bloodwork in another week or so to see of the vitamin levels and hemoglobin have crawled up out of the basement yet.  Cannot withstand another nasty fall like that last one..   at least I'd rather pass on that, given the opportunity. 

I can't believe that it's been 5 months since Dad passed.  Soon we will celebrate our first Dad's day without him, and still it doesn't feel real.  I have to wonder if it ever will.  I've killed a few well-meaning people cartoon style in my head lately for suggesting that one day it just won't matter anymore.  I just cannot see that.  

The basement renovation is finally coming to and end - at least the recovery from the flood last year part is.  The new laundry room looks A--M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  
I've never been much of a "yellow" person,  but we chose a light yellow and white cabinets and it's pretty fabulous.  I will have to post photos soon. 

I cannot wait to start getting my Stamps and Paper crafting supplies into their new home in the laundry room.  That cupboard is huge, and the bets are on to see if all of my stamp sets will fit inside -  we will see..  

My ScrapNStamp buddies have been awesome - I cannot wait to show everyone the upgrades to the room and space, and have been priding myself on showing a little more progress on the space every time they come out to play.  

To be fair, I cannot take all of the credit on that one.  Our youngest daughter moved back home a few weeks back and has been helping out with the musical box parade and getting things sorted out.  I don't know what I'd have done without her.  SHE rocks!  <3  By the time we are done,  we'll also have a full inventory of every stamp set, punch, die, tool ETC that I own.   That's gonna be AWESOME!! 

I've been working on class calendars and upcoming events and plotting forward for the next few months.  Great things are coming -  :) 

Epicure has been amazing - not just finding all the new ideas and ways to use different spices and creating new things but the new colleagues I have met are wonderful.  I am ever-amazed at how these little jars seem to magically sell themselves and I reap the rewards.  

We have new pantry clubs starting this month - let me know if you are interested in joining.  We can send your order to you anywhere in Canada :)

EON is keeping me busy, and there are several new projects on the go..  I am proud to be part of the local media team in our area.  SO many fabulous things are going on on the communities and if nobody was here to look for them, I wonder if people would hear about them.   I'd like to think we have a small part in the success of some of these great initiatives by standing on our stools and shouting from the roof tops.. 

Speaking of EON ~ It's Follow Me Friday today! and Wear Friday too..   why not stop by our Facebook page and check it out?  

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All in all it's been a very busy - crazy - but exciting time in our world -- and we're still gearing up for summer.  After waiting all winter to get rid of the snow and get to this point,  some might shoot me, but a hibernation down in my Scrappin' cave looks pretty good to me right about now... 

Until next time.. take care!  

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