Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bullying - Teen Suicide - Where Does It End?

How many of our precious kids do we have to lose before we realize what a serious problem this is? Even one is too many, and we've already lost many more than that... 

Jamie Hubley, Amanda Todd.. and now Rehteah Parsons..  and way too many in between.  Where does it end?

Sadly, Bully's aren't just kids - There are many adults out there too being bullied - Bullying isn't new - it's been around forever - only now we talk about it more, see it more.. 

Some turn a blind eye because they feel they can't do anything and others don't want to get involved, many parents that surrender in defeat against a system they don't feel they can battle. WE as adults are frustrated and at a loss - how do you think our Kids feel?

We tell our kids that should tell a teacher, or go to the office - but they don't want to do that for fear of being belittled, or labelled a snitch. Sometimes well meaning adults choose phrases like suck it up, and get over it, or walk away -- which do little to support the victim and enable to the bulliying to continue.

Has your child been bullied? Have your efforts been supported or thwarted?

How do you combat bullying? What support system do you find works best? How do you support your child?

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