Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oh Eastlink.. what am I gonna do with you.. ?

Dear Eastlink ~ When we hooked up your telephone service it was clearly on a trial basis ~ a secondary phone line because our VOIP was being flakey and ticking us off on a regular basis.   
Anybody worth his salt at anything knows that it's not a great idea to take a telephone away from a girl..  

We'd asked for the phone to be non-posted, because we already *have* a regular phone line.  we weren't even sure we were going to keep this secondary line.  Up until last week everything was peachy-keen. 

Then suddenly we seem to be on every telemarketing list, and random I'd like your opinion messages.  I feel bad for the lady I gave a hard time to who later told me that the township had given her my number.  Thought that was so very strange, til I called and confirmed that they'd gotten it from the directory. 

Today two more such calls came, and while I'm thankful that they were both people that had our home number but chose to exercise their tech muscles and look it up, it did beg the question of what might happen.. what *could* happen.. 

The smile of the day goes to Julia at Eastlink who not only re-assigned the number but issued a credit for the unlisted feature for a year.  Gotta leave it to us girls to appreciate the value of having a phone for meetings and such that doesn't have call alert honking in your ear constantly..    ah..  Bliss...  <3  

Just don't get me started on the telemarketers and crap calls that have monopolized our phone lately... You've been warned.. ;)
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